Covington Award

NCBE's Joe E. Covington Award for Research on Testing for Licensure honors Joe E. Covington, a former dean of the University of Missouri–Columbia School of Law who was the first Director of Testing for NCBE. The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) was created and launched largely through his vision and perseverance. The award is intended to provide support for graduate students in any discipline doing research germane to testing and measurement, particularly in a high-stakes licensure setting. For a history of the award and selected abstracts of past award recipient submissions, see The Joe E. Covington Award: Twelve Years of Encouraging Research on Testing for Licensure.

For information about the award, see the 2024 Call for Proposals.

2024 Award Recipient

Juyoung Jung, University of Iowa, “Investigating Psychometric Properties of Scale Scores on Mixed-Format Tests Using IRT”

Past Award Recipients

2023: "Machine-Learning-Augmented Logistic Regression Procedures for Identifying Complex DIF Structures,” Nathaniel Smith, University of Massachusetts Amherst

2022: “A Review of Measurement Challenges in Technology-Enhanced Item Types in Licensure Examinations,” Özge Cinar, University of Minnesota

2021: “A Comparison of Various DIF Detection Methods under Small Samples,” Haeju Lee, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

2020: “A Comparison of Procedures to Detect Item Parameter Drift under 3PL and Rasch Models," Kuo-Feng Chang, University of Iowa

2019: “A Deterministic Gated Lognormal Response Time Model to Identify Examinees with Item Preknowledge," Murat Kasli, University of Miami

2018: “Multidimensional Item Response Theory Equating for Domain-Based Tests," Stella Kim, University of Iowa Center for Advanced Studies in Measurement and Assessment

2017: “Validity and Reliability of Subscores and Profile Analysis," Jinah Choi, University of Iowa Center for Advanced Studies in Measurement and Assessment

2016: “Multiple Group Concurrent Calibration Under the Three-Parameter Logistic Model,” Kyung Yong Kim, University of Iowa Center for Advanced Studies in Measurement and Assessment; “Accommodations for Examinees with Functional Impairment on Multistate Bar Exams: A Literature Review,” Ren Liu, University of Florida Research and Evaluation Methodology

2015: "Nonparametric Informational Distance/Divergence Approach to Detect Item Parameter Drift in Multidimensional Tests," Hyeon-Ah (Annie) Kang, University of Illinois 

2013: "Review of Parameter Drift Methodology and Implications for Operational Testing,” Amy Clark, University of Kansas

2012: "Statistical Methods to Detect Cheating on Tests: A Review of the Literature," TJ Bliss, Brigham Young University

2011: "Characterization of the Sources and Consequences of Measurement Error in Test Score Estimates," Mark Hansen, University of California at Los Angeles

2010: "Investigating Multiple Ability Factors on the Bar Examination Using Two Measurement Models: A Multidimensional Latent Trait Model and a MIMIC Model," Su-Young Kim, University of Wisconsin-Madison; "Applying the Multistage Test Approach to the Multistate Bar Examination," Jiseon Kim, University of Texas at Austin

2009: "Examination of Test Speededness Effects on the Multistate Bar Exam," Aijun Wang, University of Georgia; "Estimating Decision Indices for Composite Scores Using a Simple-Structure Multidimensional IRT Framework," Tawnya Knupp, University of Iowa

2008: "Evaluating Equity in Equating Using Test Characteristic Curves," Adam E. Wyse, Michigan State University

2007: "An Evaluation of Different Approaches to Subscore Augmentation for the Multistate Bar Examination," Xiaowen Zhu, University of Pittsburgh

2006: "Rasch and Multidimensional Rasch Analysis of the MBE Items," Ou Lydia Liu, University of California-Berkeley; "Estimating Classification Consistency for Complex Assessments," Lei Wan and Robert L. Brennan, University of Iowa

2005: "Item Response Theory Parameterization of the Multistate Bar Exam," Nathan A. Thompson, University of Minnesota

2004: "A Substantive Process Validity Study of Multistate Bar Examination Items Through Verbal Protocol Analysis," Sarah M. Bonner, University of Arizona